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Farm to Fork Farmers Market

Oct 12, 2018


Location: Normandy Farms

Address: 7802 Marsh Road, Indianapolis, IN 46278


Contact: Jen Perkins-317-956-6419


Indiana's only chemical free farmers market!

All of the vendors at the Farm to Fork market produce their products with your health in mind. Prepared food is made with organic ingredients. Produce and meat is raised with no artificial chemical inputs. Many vendors are certified organic or certified naturally grown.

Producer only!

The Farm to Fork market is producer only. This means that, when you buy some of our outstanding products, you're buying from the person who grew it or prepared it. Some markets have vendors who act as a middleman: buying goods and produce from auction or another farmer, and selling it under their own brand. At Farm to Fork, all our vendors produce what they sell.

by Uber Green Farms