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Reiki First Degree (Reiki I)

Jan 12, 2019

10 AM to 6 PM. (End time may be earlier depending on class size and subsequent length of practice time.)

Location: The comfy cozy office of Carol Wagner on Indy's Southwest side.

Address: 2346 S. Lynhurst Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46241

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This class teaches what Reiki is and isn't plus the Reiki Power Symbol, Chakra system, human energy field, self-Reiki, and Reaki healing of others including treating others on table.  Ample time is provided for discussion, Q&A, and practice. Unlike many practitioners, I instill the Reiki symbols via attunements, as I was taught, to optimize healing potential and best prepare students for future Reiki Practioner and Reiki Master status. My approach to teaching emphasizes and promotes each student's ability to sense energy changes with their hands and, with practice, become effective healers. 

Included in the $150 cost is your student manual, healthy snacks, penty of chilled water (hydration is important as Reiki is energy!) comfortable seating and atmosphere, and the Reiki I certificate. Students are asked to bring a sack lunch to optimize our time. I do have a small fridge for a few food items if needed. 

Students are advised to dress in layers and wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes. My table will hold 450 lbs and has thus far safely accommodated individuals of up to 360 lbs. 

 A $90 non-refundable deposit is due for each student by January 7 to reserve your spot. This deposit is redeemable for one year beyond class date. The mailing address is a PO Box which will be provided upon registration.  Class size is limited to 3 to maximize practice time, so early registration is recommended.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your Reiki path!

Have you been contemplating learning Reiki to benefit yourself and/or others? Not sure if you're ready? If you are still reading this class entry you probably are! Please feel free to email me with questions. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you start on your Reiki path!

Reiki Blessings, 


by Carol Wagner, LCSW, LCAC, and Reiki Master/Teacher