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Usui Reiki First Degree (Reiki I)

Mar 9, 2019

10 AM to 6 PM. (End time may be earlier depending on class size and subsequent length of practice time.)

Location: The comfy cozy client space of Carol Wagner on Indy's Southwest side.

Address: 2346 S. Lynhurst Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46241

Website: pending


This class explains what Reiki is and isn't, instills the Reiki Power Symbol, introduces the human energy field and chakra system, and teaches the practice self-Reiki and Reaki healing of others, both seated and on table. Class size is limited to 4 students to allow ample time for discussion, Q&A, and practice. My approach to the practice and teaching of Reiki honors my belief that Reiki energies are gifts from the Universe to be shared with ourselves and others, benefitting not just ourselves but the Universe at large. For this reason, unlike many practitioners, I instill and activate Reiki energies via attunements in sacred space setting--- powerful experiences that optimize healing potential and, in my experience, best prepare students who wish to pursue Reiki Practioner status via Reiki II, if not beyond. 

Included in the $150 cost is your student manual, healthy snacks, penty of chilled water (hydration is important as Reiki is energy!) comfortable seating and atmosphere, and the Reiki I certificate. Students are asked to bring a sack lunch to optimize our class time. I do have a small fridge for a few food items if needed. 

Students are advised to dress in layers and wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes. *Please no heavy perfumes, body oils, lotions or gels. My table, on which we'll practice giving Reiki to reclining recipients, will hold 450 lbs and has thus far safely accommodated individuals of up to 360 lbs. If for any reason you require alternatuve accommodations such as lying on the floor to receive Reiki during practice time, please advise and we'll adjust accordingly. 

Please register at least 5 days ahead of scheduled class time (to allow me time to prepare your student manual) and arrange payment of the non-returnable deposit of $80 by 3 days before class to hold your spot. This deposit is redeemable up to 1 yr from the scheduled class date. Payment balance is due on date of class in preferred forms of cash or money order made payable to Carol Wagner. I appreciate your patience and flexibility with this protocol and will do my utmost to make your class interesting, informative, and promoting of your ability to successfully Reiki yourself and others. 

Have you been contemplating learning Reiki to benefit yourself and/or others? Not sure if you're ready? If you are still reading this class entry you probably are! Please feel free to email me with questions. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you start on your Reiki path! 

If you cannot make this Reiki I class the next  scheduled class date will be March 9.



by Carol Wagner, LCSW, LCAC, and Reiki Master/Teacher