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Tuesdays with RossC: YES! - Yoga Explained Simply © YACEP®

Jan 15, 2019


Location: Root2Rise Juice Bar and Yoga Studio

Address: 916 E Maine Street Suite 112


Contact: 317-215-4758 has been around for thousands of years and it continues to grow in popularity among the masses. However, as a yoga instructor, it is increasingly difficult to watch all the misinformation that floods the online marketplace about yoga. I suppose the saying, “see a need, fill a need,” applies here. For years, I have considered creating materials and resources that help explain the vast science and philosophies of yoga in an understandable, enjoyable, and slightly humorous way. The time has come and I can stand it no longer. It is time to share helpful insights, thought-provoking ideas, and informed content that is understandable and approachable for any student to broaden their yoga paradigm.

 In the YES!, Yoga Explained Simply workshops, you will be introduced to everything a curious student needs to know to develop an informed and educated yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning your practice, a seasoned student, or certified yoga instructor YES! will add depth, breadth, direction, and purpose to your yoga practice.


Discounted Rate for RYT.

**NOTE- These workshops will be continueing education hours for YACEP®

by Root2Rise Wellness