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The Art Of Grounding (3Rd Fridays Series)

Aug 18, 2017

7-9 pm

Location: MedicineHeart Woman office @ Cleansing Waters Holistic Health

Address: 8801 N Meridian St Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46260


Contact: 317-253-7357

The Art of Grounding
August Theme: The Art of Grounding
Release • Energize • Empower • Stabilize • Strengthen • Flourish!

To ground is to nourish your connection with Gaia.  When you sink your energy roots deep in the Earth, you grow your ability to express your authentic gifts.

Explore the principles & benefits of grounding. Assess your current grounding capacity. Establish your baseline, then learn to go deeper!  Empower yourself with techniques & sacred practices for deepening your rapport with Mother Earth.

$25 • Early Bird $20 when registered by Aug. 10

This is the first of 5 skill-builder workshops in the 3rd Fridays series.
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