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The Art Of Aura Care

Oct 20, 2017

7-9 pm

Location: MedicineHeart Woman @ Cleansing Waters Holistic Health

Address: 8801 N Meridian St. Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46260


Contact: Ananaia O'Leary @ 317-253-7357 or



Oct.20, Theme: The Art of Aura Care

A cohesive, resilient aura is essential for your well-being. When your aura is robust and vibrant, you can maintain healthy boundaries more easily, express yourself more authentically and engage the world more courageously … and intuitively! The stress of daily life can put a strain on your aura. A mindful practice of aura care can help restore and maintain the integrity of your field.

In this workshop, you will learn shamanic practices for aura care, including: feather work, beautiful ways to smooth and harmonize the boundaries of your aura, and wiracocha work, sacred practices from Peru, which strengthen your aura, heighten intuition & enhance spiritual connection.

Cost: $25, $20 when registered 2 weeks prior
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I look forward to sharing this workshop with you. Love & Life!

by MedicineHeart Woman