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Acro Yoga

Oct 13, 2017


Location: The Playful Soul

Address: 6516 Ferguson St.



Acro Yoga blends the flexibility, mindfulness and kindness of yoga with the dynamic strength and power of acrobatics.

This workshop will allow you to experience your practice with a whole new relationship to gravity, trust and strength. Our acro yoga will also inspire growth in your practice of open, direct, and compassionate verbal communication as you are being led through fun and challenging poses with a partner. You will definitely have fun exploring the fundamentals of L-base Acro Yoga.

Throughout, attention will be given to safety and also to cultivating a playful sense of humor!

Absolutely no Acrobatic experience necessary and no partner is needed at sign-up. Please make sure to avoid wearing lotion or slick/slippery clothing.

Personal Investment: $15 individual/ $25 pair

by the playful soul