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Qoya At Embarque

Nov 14, 2017


Location: Embarque - Yoga. Wellness. Spa

Address: 1057 E 54th St Ste. D, Indianapolis, IN 46220


Contact: Kelsey Decker 317-956-7409

Join Kelsey Decker, Certified Qoya Instructor and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist every Tuesday from 4-5:30pm at Embarque!  

Qoya is a movement system that allows you to re-connect with your wise, wild and free feminine essence. We do this through yoga, free dance and sensual movement. It is about finding joy in allowing your body to move the way it wants to move.

A Qoya class can be as invigorating or relaxing as your body requires in that moment. This can be through vibrant dance and energetic movements, or with a quiet flow. There is no wrong way to do it and the way you know you're doing it right is when it feels good. 

Each week at Embarque there is a new, unique class theme. Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and a yoga mat.

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