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Two Weeks toward More Self Care and Less Anxiety

Feb 19, 2018

9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. EST

Location: Online and via phone

Address: Online and phone


Contact: Kathryn@wholelovingwellness. com and 317-514-1462

I will be hosting at least one (and perhaps two) classes Starting February 19th for more self care and self love, even admist anxiety.  I'd especially like to support moms and folks working on peace and loving care for all, hence the possibility of two separate classes if there is enough interest to have a separate class for either of these groups.  I would want at least 10 people in each class for there to be two separate classes.  Otherwise, we'll all meet up together ;).  And classes will max out at 30 people/class so that I can be sure to attend to each person and so we can interact with each other.

There will be 45-minute calls 3x/week for two weeks (recordings and/or notes will be available if you can't be there live) and the opportunity to e-mail me each day in a certain format and receive a response typically in 48 hours or less.  Additional information will be sent by e-mail, including some info to help you get started before day 1, so sign-ups close on 2/14 and information will come out 2/15 for you to take action and receive feedback on if desired before the class starts.  There will also be a personal follow-up two weeks after the course ends as the goal is to support you in further movement for more self love and love for all.  And, getting a buddy you can stay connected to is highly encouraged and will be supported as part of the course. 

I am so excited to share my wisdom and let you connect with yours and help you have a happier, more loving life, especially toward yourself!


The cost will range from $30-$140/person--the higher amount would be $10/day of the course.  You can pay whatever you feel able and wanting to pay.  And, if you are able and want to pay more when you finish the class because of what you got from it, that's great too!  If you are very excited about the class and the $30 is a hardship, please get in touch with me.

by Whole Loving Wellness