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Do you watch cable TV in the evenings?


     Do you watch cable TV in the evening? I was watching this weekend and throughout the evening several advertisements came on for new drugs, one of which can relieve symptoms of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis and can possibly bring these autoimmune diseases into remission. For a second I thought, that's amazing, until I heard the side effects. One of the side effects of the drug was a serious brain disease. Then I thought, "What's going on here?" and "What's wrong with this picture?"

     For the last decade or so pharmaceutical companies have been pumping out new drugs at an alarming rate. But at what cost to the American people? I even overhear conversations, by concerned citizens, in the line at the grocery store and I got drawn into a conversation with some folks while having lunch with my daughter at the state fair. People are concerned. They don't feel that their health is being looked out for. If you watch the commercials and hear the side effects, who in their right mind would use these drugs? I'm reminded of a sermon I heard at church this past week. The topic was "Don't leave your brains at home." I think this also applies to what I'm talking about. Not only do these drugs not heal you, but they may give you a worse disease. I'm an advocate for taking your health into your own hands.

     I'm a health coach. What is my role? I'm a supportive mentor who helps people heal themselves. I show you the steps to take, through holistic means, to support your body. No drugs, no side effects, no fear of getting more serious diseases caused by new drugs. 

     Now I'm not saying that there aren't some diseases that need a doctors care, but the health care system in our country has become a disease management system which is very profitable for pharmaceutical companies and doctors.

     Remember: Be in control of your own life. Take your health back into your own hands.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Deborah Brannaka, Holistic Sanctuary Certified Health Coaching, helps clients feel their best by tailoring individualed wellness programs to mee their needs. 


** The content on the Indy Holistic Hub website is for information purposes and should not be construed as diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice of any kind. Always consult your health professional before implementing or changing health regimens. 


by Holistic Sanctuary Certified Health Coaching Posted Feb 8, 2018


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