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Fever: Friend or Foe?

You know we’ve all heard what to do when a fever STRIKES…’ {insert your favorite OTC remedy} every 4 hours to reduce the fever’.  But I ask you, do you know why your perfectly functioning body would create a fever in the first place???   Well, it seems that your body is smart and lazy all at the same time.  Smart, in that it knows that most of what you’ve come in contact with is Viral and susceptible to heat. Oh and by the way, bacteria are subject to heat as well, so if your body can kill either a virus or bacteria with a temp of 99.9 it is not going to 100…thus the lazy part. 

Now let’s review that common wisdom of artificially lowering the body’s temperature; when we do that are we helping ourselves heal or slowing down the healing process?  Do we perhaps run the risk of letting the virus or bacteria gain a foothold on our system? 



Here’s the thing, if you were to take your body temperature every hour of every day for a week or more you would see tiny fluctuations in your temperature where your body faced a challenge, met the challenge and returned to normal and you didn’t even know it!!  So, the same thing is going on in babies.  They are finetuning their immune systems every minute of every day.  And yes, there are times to be concerned about a rapidly rising temperature, normal to 103 in less than an hour is cause for alarm, not an OTC remedy.

About The Author:   Dr. Mary Grace Pennella - Stillpoint Family Chiropractic is a brain-based, family wellness center. At our practice, you will find that Dr. Mary Grace Pennella, or “Dr. P” as we call her, is in love with the healing power of chiropractic, but she is also adamant about helping her patients to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By creating a customized wellness program for each new patient, and by using professional expertise in chiropractic, pediatrics, kinesiology, and nutrition, Dr. Pennella will use the most gentle, modern, and effective techniques to make your body function optimally, and to avoid future illness.


by Indy Holistic Hub Posted Apr 24, 2017


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