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New Member Spotlight: Andee Marley, Artistic Past Life Regression

 Past life regression might be one of the more unusual specialties here in Indianapolis. As a tradtionally trained psychotherapist, the value of this modality was unknown to me. I was quite excited to have the privilege of sitting down and getting to know Andee Marley, one of our newest members. Andee's warm, sparkling demeanor set me at ease right away, as we explored the nature of her practice, Artistic Past Life Regression. At Holistic Hub, we know the value of our organization comes from the strength and vitality of our members. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Andee's Background:

Andee trained under Dr. Linda Bachman at the RavenHeart Center in Boulder, Colorado, and she is affiliated with International Between Lives Network. According to the beliefs of past-life regression, we are immortal, intelligent energy that is currently experiencing an earthly lifetime. When we come to have the earth experience, the majority of our entire self remains in the spiritual realm. Past-life regression is one of many ways we can access the complete wisdom available to us. You do have to fully believe in reincarnation in order to benefit from the past-life regression, and Andee says her personal Christian beliefs and her past-life regression beliefs are fully compatible. If you feel drawn to participate in a past-life regression, she encourages you to try.

According to Andee there are two main types of people who pursue her services. One candidate is curious about the possibilities and pursues a variety of spiritual practices as part of their own journey. Another common client is someone who is pursuing a larger project of personal healing. Andee describes past-life regression as a profound experience that can facilitate and amplify the benefits of a longer term healing process like conventional talk therapy or working with a shaman. Past-life regressions can offer insight around grief and loss, trauma, relationships and chronic heath problems.

What Does a Session Look Like?I bet you're wondering what a typical session looks like. You will begin with completing a small questionnaire. After you complete that, Andee will sit down with you in a safe, affirming, confidential conversation about your present context and what brought you to the session, seeking to uncover the heart of your intention for the past life regression. Once this is complete, you will make yourself comfortable on a massage table and enter into a light trans-personal hypnotic trance. While in the trance you will remain aware of your surroundings and be in a perfect place to access past lifetimes, future lifetimes, non-Earth lifetimes and other possibilities.

During the trance, Andee will dialogue with you about what you're experiencing in life today, the past-life you're aware of, guide you through a death experience, and guide you through a post-death experience involving other spiritual guides. After you have reached the fullness of your trance experience, Andee will explore and process the experience with you until you are both satisfied. Throughout the trance, Andee will also be completing a unique intuitive painting, which she wll give you at the end of your session.

Check out Andee's Listing in the Directory and Make an Appointment!

I hope you're as impressed with Andee as I am. Her warm heart and friendly attitude will put you at ease. Her non-judgmental attitude makes it easy to ask questions and let your curiousity lead you. I encourage you to look at her website and make an appointment!


by Soaring Heart Counseling Posted Nov 2, 2016


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