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Protect Our Planet: Choose Natural Everyday Products

Americans pour millions of gallons of personal care and cleaning products down the drain every year. When you use products that contain synthetic chemicals, you are washing toxins down the drain into our wastewater treatment systems. But these systems were designed to remove bacteria, not harmful chemicals. The result is pollution of our drinking water, one of earth’s most precious resources.   


Most American everyday products are loaded with synthetic chemicals to make them smell and look appealing, prevent separation and lengthen shelf life. Think of the products you rinse off after use – shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, laundry detergent and all those household cleaners. Just look in your cabinets and you’ll probably see lots more!

These dangerously toxic chemicals go down the drain with unintended consequences.

  • Synthetic Chemicals -  Health Risk

  • Parabens -  Endocrine disrupters linked with breast cancer, allergic reactions and skin rashes

  • Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate -   Causes skin rashes/infections, may cause hair loss, prevents proper eye development in kids, causes cataracts

  • Phthalates -  Typically found in fragrance or parfum on labels; linked with birth defects, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism and ADHD

  • Coal Tar -  Petroleum derivative used to add color. Coal tar is a known carcinogen.

  • Glycol -  Known to cause allergic and toxic reactions

  • Isobutane -  May be a carcinogen


You read food ingredient labels, right? Now it’s time to read labels on your everyday products, too, so you’ll know what you’re buying. Choose products made with healthful, natural ingredients. Protect your family’s health and our vital water supply. For detailed info about your products check out this database:

About The Author:  Bea White is the co-author of the book, "Bring Back Vitality - Unleash Your Power to Reclaim Vital Health!", which is a great resource for people wanting to feel better naturally. She educates Americans about health risks associated with synthetic chemicals in everyday products by presenting workshops in homes and businesses and at conferences. She represents Pure Haven Essentials; the safest, most effective and affordable line of personal care and home cleaning products on the market today. Her website is


by Indy Holistic Hub Posted May 6, 2017


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