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Laughing Soul

Laughing Soul reconnects you and your animal companions to the laughter and joy of your souls. I help people and animals with a wide variety of challenges, as well as individuals seeking spiritual and intuitive development/guidance. Services include psychic/medium consultations, reiki for humans and animals, personalized intuitive development coaching, and animal communication.  I am also a medium, meaning I can communicate with Spirit guides, or people and animals in the Spirit realm.  I always extend a welcoming environment to my clients, one in which they know they are free to be themselves without judgment. My mission is to help you heal, get into your groove, and get some permanent giggles again. What makes me different from other practitioners is my Master's in social work, experience as a counselor, an abundant sense of humor, and 11 years of experience as an psychic medium.

If you wish to include your pets in your wedding ceremony, call me!  I am licensed in the state of Indiana to marry couples, and I communicate with your pets to discover what ideas they have about your ceremony or vows. I also coach them on what to do during their part of the wedding festivities. 


Teaching others how to be comfortable with their intuitive/psychic abilities and use them wisely.

Annie Sever-Dimitri

Business Phone: (317) 440-8783
Master's in social work; Reiki master
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