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Healing Tree Wellness & Bodywork

Healing Tree Wellness & Bodywork was created to be a safe place to be nurtured. It is a comforting space to explore feeling better in your body and to discover ways to have that better feeling endure beyond your visit here. 

Much of health care is to focus on quick fixes which just mask the root cause of a problem. Would you paint a tree's brown leaves green to make it healthy or would you instead check the soil and roots for solutions to the problem? Would you water the tree once to see if it got better or do so consistently?

With the use of massage and health coaching as tools, the focus here is to dig into and unravel the discomfort of where your body is at, where your mind has wandered off to, and where your spirit might feel neglected.  Feel supported while you forge a new path to feeling better. Every day, not just on the days you visit.  One session at a time.  

Feed your body, mind, and spirit to vitality and make yourself strong to weather the storms of life.  Spend time at Healing Tree Wellness & Bodywork!




MUSCLE THERAPY: Short-term, regular targeted therapeutic massage for pain relief and recovery. THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Consistent full-body massage for long-term wellness that is both therapeutic and relaxing. HEALTH COACHING: Regular and goal-oriented discussions to move you to a different path forward with your health.

Bill Heitman

2625 N Meridian St, Suite 44
Indianapolis , IN 46208
Business Phone: (317) 670-7509
Health Coach certification from Integrative Institute of Nutrition - Sep 2014 Massage Therapy diploma from Chicago School of Massage - Dec 2002 Physical Therapist Assistant degree from University of Indianapolis - Sep 2014
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