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Cranial Energy Balancing

After 18 years of working with physical therapy patients and almost 10 years of studying and practicing energy healing, Cranial Energy Balancing was born to its founder. During a session the healer will feel into your brain, its activity and areas of disconnection. Depending on your particular needs and goals, hemispheres, structures and cells will be activated or quieted and Sacred Energy Rings of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Crystal, or a combination will be activated as well. Clients report various benefits. The ultimate intention of each session is to connect people's brains with their heart, infusing Divine Love for their highest healing and health. Divine Love works with your individual needs and intentions. Decreased Stress and Anxiety Increased Clarity Balance between the right and left brain hemispheres Decreased headache pain Increased relaxation Calm Connection and reconnection of your heart and mind Peacefulness


Physical Therapy, Exercise, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki

Shirley Kerr

19235 Outer Bank Road
Noblesville, IN 46062
Business Phone: (317) 752-5377
BS in Physical Therapy, Bachelor of Music
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