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Safe Haven Counseling Services

I created Safe Haven Counseling Services to offer more individualized counseling and therapy services in a client space promoting comfort and tranquility in which to address concerns, improve peace of mind, and develop emotional/physical well-being. Clients are provided opportunities, when needed, for increased session time as available to more fully process sensitive content and restore their sense of well-being before departing. Age of client population: age 18 and up. 

Licensed in clinical social work and addictions counseling, my specialties incude but are not limited to self-esteem, coping, emotional self-care through mindfulness/meditation and energy work such as EFT/Tapping, spirituality/ spiritual counseling, Reiki healing, and Reiki Training all levels.  Clinical issues treated include depression, stress/anxiety, family-of-origin/relationship issues, low self-esteem, lifestage and adjustment issues, substance abuse and other addictive behaviors. All clients are encouraged and assisted in exploring, identifying, embracing, and expressing their individual uniqueness and identified purpose in life.

Clients may self-pay or bill private insurance using in-network and out-of-network benefits as provided by their specific policy plan. For those unable to pay full fees to meet deductibles, I work with my clients to select a more-affordable fee for services and frequency of visits. I offer individual and group counseling/stress-reduction and couple's counseling as needed to augment individual counseling of current clients. 


mindfulness-based cognitive stress reduction, spirituality, Reiki

Carol Wagner

2346 S. Lynhurst Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46241
Business Phone: (317) 626-0775
BA, MSW, LCSW, LCAC, Level II EFT/Tapping, (Reiki III)Reiki Master Teacher
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