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Greenscape Geeks, LLC

For five years, the Greenscape Geeks have provided organic and sustainable lawn care and landscaping to the Greater Indianapolis area. Our clientele include homeowners, neighborhood associations, and various types of commercial organizations, all with the desire to create colorful, inspiring, and edible outdoor spaces that are friendly to the environment and all living creatures, including bees, butterflies, birds, pets, and children. Our specialties include landscape design and installation with native plants to create pollinator gardens, raingardens, and shade gardens; food garden consultation and installation for both personal homeowners and community organizations; raised bed and composter construction; non-chemical and organic lawn maintenance; and prairie installation. We also provide spring and fall clean-ups, small tree and shrub pruning, and hardscaping. Our website is or call 317-801-5833 to set up an estimate.

823 N. Leland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Business Phone: (317) 801-5833
Geeks Nick and Lanette met while obtaining their graduate degrees in environmental management at Ball State University. Nick also has an undergraduate degree in finance, and Lanette has an undergraduate degree in journalism with a minor in geoscience.
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