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Heal Your Disease


I am Derek Weaver with Heal Your Disease of Broadripple. I offer nutritional analysis and holistic education to those looking to heal themselves. I also offer classes on various topics related to herbs, mushrooms, and nutrition.


First a little about me:

I am a certified Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. With eight years of experience helping people in health food store environments and having had worked for major national supplement companies, I've learned many things and had many great experiences. My passion for natural living and practical healing has lead me around our great nation touring factories and farms as well as engaging CEOs and formulators of well known natural healthcare companies. I always strive to be on the cutting edge of research and practice a wide range of modalities to diversify my understanding of the human condition.

If you'd like to read more about my story you can find that here.


Consultations - In Person & Over the Phone

For 32 hours per week I help people at a regionally famous health food store called Good Earth Natural Foods. You can currently find me there from noon till 8pm Wednesday through Saturday. Here I've gained a reputation for helping people realize their true problem and find the proper solution to it rather quickly.

After people began waiting in line to talk to me, I realized I needed to start a separate business to provide further support for those who need it. In July of 2016 I began as a blog site. I quickly morphed my site to be much more and continue to adapt it to the desires of my clients.

I now have a physical office and take clients in for nutritional education and consulting. This process takes about 1 hour but can last longer. I do my best to determine the root of the issue then proceed to explain how this might have come to be. After that I'll talk about diet, herbs, lifestyle changes, or other modalities that can help to improve your situation and keep it from reoccurring.

Then for a small additional fee, you may opt to have a nutritional analysis or even an iris analysis. The nutritional analysis is done via a Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer, takes about 5 minutes, and requires no blood, sweat, or tears. This nutritional analysis offers a accurate reading of your vitamins, minerals, heavy metals, organ function, blood quality, and much more. With the iris analysis, I simply look at your eyes and can give you a better understanding of your inherited health challenges or blessings, personality traits, as well as, occasionally, a few current health concerns.

This combination of experience, education, and technology allows me to accurately inform the client of their condition. From there I help to educate them on the diet, herbs, and other modalities which will bring them to their idea of good health.

You can click here to schedule a time to meet with me for a full health analysis.


Reiki Relaxation

Reiki is Japanese for Spirit Energy. After personally having my health restored and life positively altered by reiki, I finally became attuned myself. This process expands the natural ability that each of us has. With each attunement the natural occurring spirit energy amplifies within the body. This healing energy only flows through the attuned, and is not originating within us. As this energy flows through me and my hands into the person I'm working with, we both enjoy a relaxing and healing benefit. I am not doing any healing of the client. The energy merely stimulates a natural healing to occur withing the individual which may continue for 3 or more days.

For those interested in such things, I, often, am also guided to speak of past lives I see or hear about during the session. This doesn't happen with everyone. This info can serve as a tool to help the individual recover from karmic trauma which may still be influencing behaviors or physical pain in this life.

I encourage you to try this heavenly energy massage of the body and soul. Click here to schedule your Reiki Relaxation. 



I also have been teaching classes on various topics since early 2016. Some of the topics include Medicinal Mushrooms, Restoring Digestive Health, How to Brew Kombucha, Cayenne Pepper, and many more. As popularity grows I am adding new topics and new locations.

My classes usually last around 1 hour but can go much longer if people have lots of questions or I feel particularly inspired that evening. People usually leave feeling inspired and informed.

You can see a list of upcoming classes and events here.



As you get to know me, you will likely hear about my diet. I try to eat raw beegan (vegan that eats honey) most of the time or at least follow a mucusless diet. This entails eating, for me, no meat or fish, dairy, eggs, simple processed sugars, simple starches, alcohol, or caffeine. I am human, so I flex in and out of this as I see fit, but I really try to stick to the above diet as much as possible.

People who are inspired by my way of life often want to know what I do actually eat. Mostly, I keep it simple and eat whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries. I do eat grains, but only if they have been sprouted and never heated over 130 degrees.

I have started a collection of Raw Vegan recipes here if you want to try something for yourself.



Otherwise, I try to keep up on posting blogs as I'm inspired and have time. Most people have no idea how mush time and work goes into one simple blog or video.

I like to blog about my experiences, my favorite herbs, mushrooms, my interactions and tours of national supplement companies, and things that I think will be generally beneficial to everyone.


Fund Me

Finally, I do my best to provide affordable, quality education for anyone who is interested. I don't ever plan on selling out by taking on a major sponsor or filling my site with pop up ads.

I however trying to make a living at this, so I do encourage you to take a look at my products page. I have a good looking tee shirt for sale which is made of 100% organic cotton. I also am an affiliate for Amazon, so purchasing the products through my website will help me fund my business. I do hope to add some other unique products in the not too distant future.

Or if you don't need anymore stuff but you believe in what I'm trying hard to accomplish, please consider donating to Heal Your Disease.



Email Newsletter

If nothing else please sign up for my email in the right hand column or at the bottom of each page. I usually only send 1 per month with useful info and class updates. I absolutely will never share any of your info.


For more information or questions, please visit my website or email me at


Herbs, Mushrooms, and Diets that allow your body to heal itself.

Derek Weaver

6352 Guilford Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Business Phone: (317) 649-4325
I am a certified Herbalist through the School of Natural Healing. With eight years of experience helping people in health food store environments and having had worked for major national supplement companies, I've learned and continue to learn many things
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