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Taproot Integrative Health -- A Mindful Eating Approach to Health Coaching

Hippocrates said that all disease begins in the gut.  I believe it begins in both the gut and the mind, or what I call the "human taproot."  At Taproot Integrative Health, I work with clients 1-1 and in class/workshop settings.  In group settings, I teach clients the HeartMath method for stress management and how to apply it to a mindful eating practice, including strategies to help heal the gut.  

When working with clients 1-1, I provide the above, but also act as both their accountability partner and health advocate.  I am ready and willing to partner with their doctors and other health practioners to work as a team to help the client heal.  In fact, I can provide great support to doctors due to the intensiveness of my work with the clients.  Doctors often see a high volume of patients and are unable to spend the hours and hours of time I spend working with clients.  I not only care about my client's symptoms and illnesses, but the root cause of these issues.  I tell my clients that we are like Sherlock and Watson, and together, we will peel away the layers of the onion. This is a functional nutrition approach that recognizes that in order for healing to occur, the root cause must be addressed.  

Although the work with me goes deep and can be intense, my approach is mindful, upbeat and inspiring.



health coaching, utritional cleansing, stress management, mindful eating, overall wellness, eating psychology

Jennifer Malins

Business Phone: (408) 250-1027
Integrative Nutrition Coach Certification, Functional Nutritionist certificate*, MA English Literary Studies, Teaching Credential, HeartMath Coach License, *second certificate in process
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