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Adam Riviere/Playground Productions Studio

Adam Riviere owns and operates Playground Productions Studio, a recording/rehearsal studio located in Historic Irvington in Indianapolis.  The studio is used for a multitude of events in music, theater, art, performance art, wellness, and private events.  Adam Riviere has studied music for over 28 years, and during that time has learned how music can be used for healing the mind, body, and spirit.  

Adam performs live music at yoga studios around Indiana, and has performed at studios around the United States, and in parts of Israel.  Adam is able to accompany any practice following the flow of the instructor and class to help achieve a greater sense and flow during their practice.  

Adam is involved in Healing through Sound with seven specifically tuned didgeridoos of the seven chakras of the human body.  Adam uses the instruments for a meditation that focuses on the characteristics that represent each chakra during the meditation, and after sharing that information plays the didgeridoo tuned to that chakra and plays it directly on the energy center of the person.  

 Adam also teaches every instrument he plays, and is honored to help others discover their rhythm in learning to play drums and percussion or their voice learning to play Native American style flute or Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo.

To have music involved during your practice or have Adam lead a didgeridoo chakra meditation please do not hesitate to contact anytime at or at the Playground (317) 678-PLAY {7529}.  


Keep the music going my friends! - Adam Riviere


"Without music, life would be a mistake" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche






Healing through sound

Adam Riviere

5529 Bonna Ave Suite 10
Indianapolis, IN 46226
Business Phone: (317) 678-7529
B.S. Music Business, M.S. Music Technology
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