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Stepping Stone Health

We are Eric & Ashley, a couple that is passionate about good food and good health. We believe the less time you have to worry about your health, the more time you get to enjoy this adventure called life. At Stepping Stone Health, healthcare is less about symptom management and more about lifestyle choices.

With functional medicine, Eric gets to the root cause of your disease. He spends time with you learning about your health history, your habits and your symptoms. After reviewing your information, he creates an individualized treatment plan that addresses your chief complaints.

As your health coach, Ashley helps you gradually introduce healthy eating habits, exercise, and stress management techniques. She hopes to reduce confusion around nutrition and increase confidence in your lifestyle choices. Ultimately, they both want to support you on your unique path to healthier living.

6155 N. College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Business Phone: 13178661285
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