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Indy Holisitic Hub

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American Mold Experts

American Mold Experts provides high-quality mold inspection and testing, clinical & environmental mycotoxin testing, and mold remediation in Central Indiana and surrounding areas. We understand that your safety and security are very important! That is why we strive to restore health to your home and business. We believe that healthy homes promote happy lives. Our remediation is non-destructive and performed with our very own formulated chemical-free, 100% organic enzyme that is safe for humans, animals and the environment. We are so confident in our remediation process that we offer a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty option is available.




Mold & Mycotoxin Testing and Mold Remediation

Julie Hurst-Nicoll, President
Bill Nicoll, Vice President
Jen Farr, New Business Development
Jon Worgress, General Manager
JR Ewing, Sales Team
Rob Crump, Sales Team

137 Production Dr, Ste A
Avon, IN 46123
Business Phone: (877) 877-9744
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