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Indy Holisitic Hub

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A Place To Float

Luxury float spa in downtown Indianapolis. No disruptions. No distractions. An oasis in a hectic world.

Relax and recharge in your private float tank filled with an Epsom salt solution that enables your body to float effortlessly. Renew your mind. Relieve stress. Reduce aches and pains. 

Everything you need is provided. Showers are located in the rooms. Large bathrooms provide ample space for dressing, makeup, and hair.

Schedule your 90 minute session by visiting our website. Memberships are available. Accessible facilities and reserved parking.


Floating, a.k.a. Flotation R.E.S.T.

Aaron Douglas

425 W. South Street #110
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225
Business Phone: (317) 426-2625
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