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After working for 28 years as a Registered Nurse, Michelle was frustrated with how many people she met – both personally and professionally – who felt stuck, and didn’t know how to move forward with their lives and their health. Michelle’s biggest discovery came with the knowledge that not every program works for every person. You are your own greatest experiment! Michelle also realized that you cannot heal your body by ignoring your mind and spirit. They all work together and they all need to heal together. That is why Michelle became certified as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.

What Michelle offers is much more than a diet and exercise program. She helps men and women reclaim their lives by improving their health through a customized approach that is unique for them. By partnering with her clients, Michelle empowers them to shift their beliefs away from disease management to the action of intentional living that is grounded in what they value most in life.

Michelle’s programs deliver real outcomes, transformations, and shifts in the way you think. These changes will ripple through every area of your life. If you have finally decided that you are worthy of having the health you need to pursue a life you love, then click on her website link below to get started.


Weight loss, low energy, stress reduction, blood sugar management, life transitions.

Michelle Cardimen

14917 Pollard Drive
Westfield, IN 46074
Business Phone: (317) 414-5984
Oakland University- BSN Health Coach Institute Wellcoaches- School of Health and Wellness Coaching
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