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I am the co-author of the book, "Bring Back Vitality - Unleash Your Power to Reclaim Vital Health!", which I wrote with a Naturopathic Doctor.  Our book was launched by a traditional publisher in Nov. 2013 and is a terrific resource for people wanting to get healthy.  Here's a synopsis:

This gradual, balanced approach helps you reclaim responsibility for your vitality, activate that amazing healing machine (your body), analyze your usual food and water choices, and understand the difference between nourishment and toxins. You’ll learn to alkalize and cleanse your body and use natural remedies for respiratory, digestive and other common ailments. My personal mission is to restore vitality to the U.S. By demonstrating and teaching vitality concepts to our loves ones, together we can bring back vitality!

I conduct these Vitality Workshops:

-Every Day Essential Oils

-Juicing and Cleansing

-Pure Haven Essentials: The safest, most effective and affordable personal care and home cleaning products on the market today!


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