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Catherine Clift Coaching

I am a newly certified wealth and success coach focusing on clearing subconcious money blocks so people can earn what they deserve and enjoy a life of purpose and fun. Over 90% of people on the planet suffer from this programing, specifically Baby Boomers. I particularly am targeting heart-centered entrepreneurs and coaches because they are the most uncomfortable charging what they are worth. However, I am open to coaching anyone who is interested.

The work involves the seven chakras and how we take subconscious vows in early life that sabotage us as adults. This is very deep work but it is so rewarding and transforming.

I use several modalities in my work including releasing with the Sedona Method, Tapping (EFT), Hypnotherapy and the Law of Attraction. Finally, as life is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, I incorporate play into my coaching for those serious types and workaholics.


The Sedona Method, Tapping, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, play

Catherine Clift

2636 Chaseway Court
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Business Phone: (317) 617-6926
certified life coach Quantum Success Coaching Academy 7/2015, certified hypnotherapist Quantum Edge Healing Institute 8/2015; certified Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Academy
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