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I've been practicing chiropractic  on the north side of Indianapolis since 1993 and have a second office on the east side where I've been practicing since 2002.  Thousands of patients have found I can successfully treat back pain and injuries but other patients have discovered my passion is in wellness management - achivieving and then proactively maintaining a healthy state in order to avoid disease and injury.

I utilize the Activator method of chiropractic, a low-force adjustment technique where the adjustment is administered through an instrument after a scientific determination of where the adjustment is required. I also practice enzyme-based nutrition and am certified as an Internal Health Specialist, having trained extensively with Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr. of the Food Enzyme Institute ( 

I'm fortunate to be working with an equally passionate professional staff (you'll find their individual listings on this website also) and together we provide the following services:

Becky Troyer, CMT, has been working for CWC 18 years and provides massage services at the 96th Street office. In addition she is certified by the Food Enzyme Institute as a Digestive Health Specialist. 

Marie Scott, CMT, provides massage therapy services at both offices.

Tria Yoder has a background in sports medicine, exercise physiology.  She has years of experience of as a basketball trainer and coach and now offers structural assessments and physical rehabilitation therapy in our offices. 

Kurt Johnson is certified as a Digestive Health Specialist with the Food Enzyme Institute and enjoys educating  about the physiology of nutrition - how food is digested, absorbed, utilized and toxins are eliminated. He's quite passionate about informing people of changes to the food supply that are making it more difficult for us to get the nutrition we need through food to remain healthy. 




Chiropractic; physical rehabilitation, massage, enzyme-based nutrition

1305 W 96th Street
Indianapolis , IN 46260
Business Phone: (317) 580-9867
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