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BEMER is a German medical device which improves circulation and supports the body's natural self-regulating processes. Proper blood flow is extremely important for overall health, and BEMER benefits people of all ages.... from the elderly to elite athletes like Roger Federer and many Olympians.


BEMER enhances:

  • Essential blood flow

  • Cardiac function

  • Strength, energy, physical fitness and well-being

  • Concentration & mental acuity

  • Stress reduction

  • Sleep

  • Cell re-oxygenation & metabolic waste function


 Encouraged by affirming clinical studies, more than 4,000 hospitals and clinics worldwide -- and over a million individuals, including many elite athletes – now use FDA-registered BEMER to improve health and wellness.

Unlike prescription medicines, BEMER never needs a refill and has no side effects.

Blood flow decreases as we age, and since no part of the body functions well without proper blood flow, almost everyone benefits from BEMER's advanced technology.

 All it takes is relaxing on a mat for 8 minutes twice a day! BEMER is perfect for home use since it can be shared with others. It is also great for practitioners since they can help their patients while also creating a new source of revenue.

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