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What is something about your health that you would like to improve?  If I told you there was a natural product with no side effects that could improve your health, and it works for 80% of he people who use it, would you try it for 7 days?  WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

Hemp CBD oil addresses a long list of health issues including:





Zilis has gold standard in the hemp CBD oil market, UltraCell, a safe, natural alternative to prescription drugs with no side effects, only side benefits!

Why is UltraCell the gold standard, you ask?  Here are some of the reasons:

WATER SOLUBLE - UltraCell's absorption rate is up to 94% vs. any CBD oils with an absorption rate of 3-6%.

FULL SPECTRUM - UltraCell uses the entire plant which creates the entourage effect of all 400 compounds working together.

NO THC - You won't fail a drug test when taking UltraCell


Zilis is known as the Pay It Forward Company because every item purchased provides nutrition packs to malnourished kids in Haiti. Zilis provided 10 million days of proper nutrition in 2017, and that number will grow every year!  We also provided 5 million prenatal vitamins to those in need.

In additon to improving your health, you can help your clients improve their health by offering them the best hemp CBD oil on the market while also creasting a new source of revenue for your business.

Please contact me to learn more.  

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