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Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Dr. Gerald Whalen of Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic Center is committed to restoring health and creating opportunities for optimal living. We utilize the rebuilding and revitalizing procedures of chiropractic adjustments to restore brain-body communication, nutritional supplementation to provide nutrients the body craves, homeopathic remedies to release toxins from the body the very powerful mind-body method of the Neuro Emotional Technique for health restoration from emotional stress and tension locked in the body tissues. We include use of stress questionnaire, toxicity questionnaire, diet diary, Symptom Survey Form, Saliva Testing, Hair Analysis, blood tests, Insight Subluxation Station, Biomeridian and Three Week Purification Program, as needed. We utilize community educational programs comprised of a series of 12- plus campaigns scheduled monthly. We are so gratified when practice member note a better flow of energy, enhanced Immune function, a more responsive body and reduction of the effects of stress unlike anything they have ever felt! Call today to begin finding the health you have lost and learn how to keep it once you have found it!


Level II Certified in Neuro Emotional Technique

Jerry Whalen, D.C.

1620 W Oak St. Ste 100
Business Phone: (317) 733-9630
Doctor of Chiropractic
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