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Enlightened Steps Hypnosis, Life Coaching and Consulting

I am a Hypno-Coach.  I blend Life Coaching, Consulting and Hypnosis to unlock, open and assist my clients in crafting what they desire.  I created my own style by studying with some of the best hypnotist in the field today to ensure I get you where you want to be.  I find this work amazing in fact it is more than amazing, it is life giving not only for my clients, but for me too! I use Hypnosis to connect clients to their inner self by clearing a place for the conscious mind, sub-conscious and the unconscious mind to connect with each other.  In this calm open state, the client can connect to their inner voice and their deepest desires.  I utilize the many tools, assisting them to seat and implement their created, well thought out plans.  I help them to find their unconscious barriers, blocks, and disconnects that prevent them from obtaining what they want in their life. Together we find the issues,  we then fix or heal them, reframe or remove them to achieve their goals.  This is done easily and quickly by working with Hypnosis and their multi-tiered conscious states along with the left and right brain hemispheres engaged, all while opening the heart led emotional system.  This ensures that they stay the course and get their desired results.   Dream it. See it. Be it.   



Transforming Lives

Kelei Baker Leak

2398 East 236th Street
Cicero, IN 46034
Business Phone: (317) 695-0083
BSBM from IUK & IWU Graduated Magna Cum Laude Certified Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotist NH Certified Integrative Addictions Solutions by Center for Integrative Hypnosis NY Ordained Minister NY
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