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Eyes For Wellness

Eyes For Wellness is a neuro-optometric practice specializing in the evaluation and treatment of visual interference to daily acts of living for all ages, from infants to seniors.  Dr. Mary VanHoy, owner and director of the clinic, has over forty-five years of clinical experience in treating misalignment of the eyes (strabismus), amblyopia (lazy eye), delays in eye teaming, eye focusing, or eye tracking skills which may interfere with learning or productivity in the work place.  She also offers unique, non-invasive treatments to address visual challenges following head injuries such as concussion and strokes.  Children and adults with special needs such as autism, Down Syndrome, or physical challenges like cerebral palsy can also be helped with some of the most innovative and advanced therapies like Optometric Syntonic Phototherapy, the Sensory Learning Program, and Accommotrac Vision Trainer which utilizes biofeedback to improve visual function.

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Neuro-optometric care; Vision Rehabilitation; Sensory Integration with Simultaneous Stimulation of Auditory, Visual, and Vestibular Systems

Dr. Mary VanHoy

9302 N. Meridian Street, Suite 170
Indianapolis, IN 46260
Business Phone: (317) 818-0541
Doctor of Optometry, Indiana University
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