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Heather Diers is the author of My Dog Has Cancer. What Can I Do? After learning how to fight cancer naturally and realizing that prevention is the best cure, she started her blog, Heather's Holistic Paw Prints, for savvy pet owners who want to learn about holistic care and proper nutrition for animals AND their humans, to help them live a natural, holistic life TOGETHER. Most natural remedies yield the same results for animals as for their humans, so why not try them together?

Heather now gives pet nutrition classes at The Playful Soul and The Art of Healing, where pet owners can learn ways to enhance their pets' food, to prevent diseases like cancer, arthritis and diabetes, as well as natural pain remedies outside of the world of Big Pharma. She is also available for one-on-one consultations, for pets with specific dietary needs.

The mission at HHPP is to use herbs, spices and fresh food to heal the body as well as the soul and educate others on the importance of proper nutrition, for both animals and their humans, to prevent most all common diseases. The protocols established through Heather's Holistic Paw Prints should not replace the care of your veterinarian and other necessary medical providers. Always inform them of all food and supplements in your dietary protocol, before giving them to your pet. Heather is not a veterinarian, but she has worked closely with her veterinarian, who practices both Western and Holistic medicine, while building her protocol to treat her dog's cancer and prevent diseases for her current healthy pets.

Heather is an associate member of the American Herbalists Guild.

Heather Diers

Business Phone: (317) 701-6833
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