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I am an individual holistic Mental Health Therapist and Clinical Social Worker. I believe that healing begins on the inside of us and then manifests outward.  I utilize various forms of "talk therapy" and combine it with holistic therapeutic techniques that utilize the body's natural energies. Some of the therapeutic modalities that I practice are: Gestalt Therapy (certified through the Indianapolis Gestalt Institute), CBT, Energy Psychology (TFT and EFT), regression and trauma work, Advanced Integrative Therapy, the Neuromodulation Technique (NMT), Raymon Grace Methods, and Awakening Dynamics. Each client is different and has different needs and goals. I customize my approach to therapy based on the individual needs of the client. My goal is to alleviate emotional and physical pain, and help my fellow man-and woman-kind find their own personal truth and joy. Suffering does not have to be one's reality any longer. 



Trauma, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Allergies

Cara Olson, LCSW

951 E. 86th Street Ste .200C
Indianpolis, IN 46240
Business Phone: (317) 777-1678
B.A. in Psychology and Master's of Social Work/Counseling from Indiana University
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