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You're Thrive-ability Coach -- Where awareness meets the road to more conscious thoughts and actions. Jennifer Seffrin is a strategic thinker who loves the synchronicities in life and all that it has abundantly in store. She has a very strong belief in holistic care and a “no one size fits all” philosophy. Being coached at the beginning of her career, she found herself saying she does not like structure, and so she’s created her own! With a natural ability to create connections and highlight the best in others, she is all about maximizing the holistic community in Indianapolis. Through the unique Thrive-ability process we measure your energetic output! When you see where that’s going, you can then shift your awareness to more conscious thoughts and actions that better sustain you day in and day out. You can thrive in business, relationships, and all areas of life.

So we ask you, at the end of the day are you typically fulfilled or depleted?

Synergistic Offerings Include: Indy Holistic Hub Resources & Membership; Thrive-ability Process & Energy Assessment; One-on-One Coaching Jennifer Seffin is a Certified Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, an International Coaching Federation accredited school. Her mission is to be a caring touchstone for holistic, heart-centered professionals and individuals, while inspiring the overall well-being of the Indianapolis community. What sets Jennifer apart from other life coaches is her profound appreciation for meaningful conversation and connection, her natural ability to connect together life’s puzzle pieces in an “Ah-ha!” kind of way, and her specialized expertise in Thrive-ability.


Thriveability; Life Balance; Authenticity; Holistic Living; Conscious Life Leadership

Jennifer Seffrin

Business Phone: (317) 775-1418
Bachelors Sociology; Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Practitioner
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