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Julia Curry LLC Eating Psychology Coach

I battled food and my body for 15 years. You may know that drill...

Dieting, overeating, undereating, clean eating, overexercising, bingeing, rinse and repeat.

This cycle of powerlessnes stirred a desire in me to not only find the freedom out of the prison, but to help others to do the same. As an Eating Psychology Coach, I get to do just that!

I have developed a strong passion for working with people who struggle in their relationship with food, body image, and weight loss/gain issues. So often people struggle in secret. The shame of secrecy actually locks in unwanted habits and symptoms even more. This cycle can be discouraging and equally paralyzing. I am passionate about helping clients understand their own relationship with food, step out of shame into a much more spacious life beyond struggles in these areas.  This is for people who are looking for a deep shift that leads to sustainable outcomes. My approach is spiritually formative, playfully collaborative, empowering and holistic (i.e., looking at the person as a whole in body, emotions, mind and spirit). 

 I am honored to support you right where you are as you awaken to a life beyond your struggles with body health!


General Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Overeating, Overcoming Chronic Dieting, Body Image Struggles, Sugar Sensitivity, Spiritual Formation, Emotional Freedom

Julia Curry

12626 Royce Ct
Carmel, IN 46033
BA in Communications from Eastern Illinois University. Southeastern School of Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy. Certification from The Center For Strategic Intervention. The Institute for the Psychology of Eating
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