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The Spiritual Travel Agent

Hello gorgeous ones! I'm Kelsey, the Spiritual Travel Agent.



I help women navigate the inner and outer journey through life. I provide a safe container for women to show up exactly as they are in each moment.


Most women are experiencing the same 4 emotions: Exhaustion, Isolation, Confusion and Fear.


I’ve created a magical road map to more Joy, Freedom and Authenticity as the antidote!


During my 3-day Sacred Connection Retreats, we experience a sense of deep sisterhood, we have movement practices to get out of our heads and into our bodies, we engage in ritual and ceremony as a way to connect to Spirit, and we go on pilgrimage to open our hearts to infinite possibilities and the wonders of the Universe.


And through that expression of authenticity and vulnerability, we break open and through in the most beautiful ways.

For those that would like to take it a step further, I offer a 9-month Sacred Connection Mastery, where we really dive deep into developing an unwavering inner connectedness. Through that connection, we can then connect more to others, the world around us, our bodies, and Spirit itself. We are able to make decisions from a place of love instead of fear. We experience more Joy, Freedom and Authenticity than we ever imagined!


If you're a spiritually-minded woman, no matter where you're at on your journey, you're more than welcome to join our private FB Community, Spiritual Travel Tribe. The feminine is rising. Make sure and grab your spot for the ride up!




Spiritual Coaching, Movement Classes, Women's Circles & Retreats, Energy & Crystal Healing, Meditation

Kelsey Decker

5501 E 71st Street, Suite 1A
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Business Phone: (317) 956-7409
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