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Life's Path 4 U

Life’s Path 4U was created by Paul R. Fraley and Ellen Hawkins to share a variety of healing modalities. The name Life’s Path 4U was chosen to represent the illumination we can offer to bring you into alignment with your true purpose. We have been working in the field of metaphysics for over 40 years. We have always operated by closely listening to the feedback of our clients. This has allowed us to pinpoint what yields success and what does not. We are able to get results that make a big difference in people’s lives. We are here to serve you with any or all of our services. It has been an amazing journey and we are grateful for the knowledge we have gained and the insights that have been given to us along the way. We have been blessed to be able to do this work and share it with you so please join us. We look forward to our experience together.


Past life regression surrogate, Iridologist

Paul Fraley
Ellen Hawkins

233 N Fenton Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Business Phone: (317) 339-9675
Both took complete course Silva Mind Method, then many advance and supermind Silva. Both Completed 54-hour course for Iridology taught by founder Dr. Bernard Jensen. Paul studied past life regressions under Psychologist Dr. Gill Brawn.
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