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Navigating Your Dreams

Dreams  Provide Guidance for Everyday Life

Within a sacred circle, participants will explore the world of dreams using "The Lighting Dreamwork Process" and practices of Active Dreaming developed by Robert Moss. Topics of discussion include kinds of dreams, the way we dream, and catching/recording dreams. Activities involve lucid journeys, dream re-entry/tracking, dream play, and dream creations. Through dream sharing participants discover how dreams and synchronicities open gateways to a deeper reality.  They learn how dreams can influence creativity, healing, and soul recovery, and how the gifts of dreaming can be applied to mend the world.  Most importantly group members are encouraged to craft plans that bring new insights into waking reality. Private consultations, classes, groups, workshops, speaking engagements and an advanced circle are available. Active Dreaming is an original synthesis of modern dreamwork and shamanism. Resources include Conscious Dreaming, Dreamgates, Dreaming the Soul Back Home, The Three "Only" Things, Active Dreaming, The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreamer's Book of the Dead.


Education and Dream Work

Meredith Eastwood

7873 Clearwater Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Business Phone: (317) 755-8659
MS Counseling Psychology, MA Education, Graduate of The Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming
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