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After almost 10 years in the restaurant industry, I took a big leap of faith and left my professsional chef job to pursue my passion of healing through food. Through the Nutritional Therapy Association, I became a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, and combined my love for cooking with my knowledge of how to support healing with it. I believe food is one of the most nurturing things we can provide ourselves, but also one of the most overlooked aspects of health. Through Abundant Plate Wellness, I strive to teach others how to fuel and nourish themselves by addressing the bio individual needs of each person and educating them on what best supports their needs. Each client recieves a Nutritional Assessment, functional testing, individual meal planning, recipes and weekly contact, for whatever time period is needed. I work to address all aspects of one's lifestyle to create a bigger picture of healing that extends beyond just food. I am here to support, educate and encourage those who choose to begin a new nutritional journey. Because of my specialized experience in a professional kitchen, I am able to not only offer this nutritional guidance, but also food preparation, catering and private cooking. I am able to prepare individual meals, family meals or meals for larger groups and strive to use as much fresh, local, organic and seasonal food as nature allows me. I am able to provide a step above a regular 'cookie-cutter' catering or meal preparation business by offering restaurant quality food that is void of harmful, damaging ingredients that we encounter in so many every day foods. At Abundant Plate Wellness, I want to help you put more on your plate, whether that be nutritionally, spiritually or mentally!


Private Chef, Nutritional Consulting, Meal planning and catering

Meredith Iacocca

6077 West Jamison Drive
McCordsville, IN 46055
Business Phone: (317) 797-9906
Associates in Culinary Arts from Harrison College Nutritional Therapy Consultant through the Nutritional Therapy Association
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