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Like all of us I am here to experience the journey of life. It is through my experiences that I have come to realize the importance of being authentic in everything I do. For some of my life I made choices that were not always in my highest good. That changed when I came out as a gay man after having been married to a woman and having children. Now I continually live a balance of authenticity in my relationships, work and play. The past several years have brought on an awareness of the need for my personal wellbeing. I have taken control of my body, mind, and spirit through regular exercise, nutrition, and spiritual practice. I know that I feel better than I ever have and want to share that feeling with everyone I meet. I am a wellbeing coach and will work with my clients in any area of wellbeing including nutrition, cleansing, diet, weigh loss, relationships, finances, goals of authenticity, and physical training plans.


Well-being, nutrition, weight management, gay fatherhood

Mark Sprout

239 E. 11th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Business Phone: (317) 373-8919
BS - Indiana University/ MBA - Indiana Wesleyan University/ CPC - iPEC Coaching
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