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Restoration Massage

Natalie is a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Health Specialist. She is passionate about helping people with chronic pain restore mobility and improve quality of life through massage, diet, and lifestyle. However, she is well equipped to handle anything from relaxation massage to deep tissue and sports/recovery. 


Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain, Inflammation, Fascial Restriction, General Tension

Natalie Williams

1250 E. County Line Rd, Suite 5D
Indianapolis, IN 46227
Business Phone: (317) 313-4757
Indiana Wesleyan University (2014-2015): Pre-Nursing / Trinity School of Natural Health (2015-Present): Naturopathy, Herbalist, Iridologist, Health Specialist, Nutritional Counseling / Indiana College of Sports and Medical Massage (2015-2016)
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