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Pelvic Floor Indy

Pelvic Floor Indy wants to help Indy women improve their pelvic floor health. The goal is to take issues like pelvic pain, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual disfunction off of the list of "things we don't discuss." These issues are common and no woman should feel alone and powerless with regard to her pelvic floor disfunction. Pelvic Floor Indy offers a method rooted in yoga and Pfilates (pelvic floor Pilates) that provides awareness and exercises designed to stretch and/or strengthen the pelvic floor. And if you do not think exercises are an option for you, there are ways to incorporate these techniques into your daily life.
Classes  and one-on-one sessions will focus on awareness of breath, awareness of body and awareness of what issues your pelvis might be holding. With this awareness, hopefully we can find the best path for you to travel to find pelvic health.


Women's Pelvic Floor Health

Erin McDonald

5261 Olympia Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46228
RYT 200, Pfilates, Leslie Howard's Yoga for Pelvic Floor, MS Historic Preservation
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