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Project Gorgeous

I offer a variety of services.  Starting in May 2018, I will be practicing acupuncture and offering facial rejuvenation at Embarque Yoga Wellness Spa.  Book here at

I also provide transformational coaching sessions through Chinese Face Reading and my signature program Project Gorgeous, designed to help clients remove limiting beliefs and transform into their healthiest, happiest selves through NLP techniques, Desire Mapping, Chinese Face Reading and more. These sessions can be done remotely via internet / phone or in person.  Contact me at for booking and interest.



Facial Acupuncture, Stress Reduction, Transformational Coaching, Chinese Face Reading

Marianne Talkovski

1057 E 54th St Unit D
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Business Phone: (417) 631-7506
Holistic Esthetics 2008 Pacific College of Oriental Medicine 2010 Chinese Face Reading Certification 2014 Transformational Coaching 2016 Holistic Nutrition Certification 2015
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