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At the leading edge of personal growth today, Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of emotional stress. RET is currently sweeping the nation as a faster, less painful way of reaching and releasing the following:

  • Abuse of all kinds
  • Addictions of all kinds
  • Depression, Anger and Grief
  • Family and Relationship Patterns

Basically any issue that causes stress can be released, the body retrained, and the mind educated to think and react differently through the RET process and Skills for Life.

RET consists of essentially two parts:

  1. Identify and release the stress-causing factors on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level through the structured movement and blinking of the eyes (the RET process).
  2. Learn and apply new skills for life on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to create what we would rather experience in life.


Rapid Eye Technology, Life Skills, Reiki

Rinda Hall

11350 North Meridian St, Ste 110
Carmel, Indiana (IN) 46032
Business Phone: (317) 844-2442
BA Psychology, Rapid Eye Certification, Life Coach Certification, Reiki Level 1
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