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I first became interested in alternative medicine as I sought health answers for myself and my family that did not solely rely on medication that had unwanted side effects. I became more disillusioned with traditional medical care while working in a large family practice setting. I began to notice many patients not getting better despite some of them being on staggering 10-15 medications. In this setting I felt like a traffic cop, referring people to different specialists for their health problems and each time they would come back with a new diagnosis and medication.

I have treated multiple women and men over the years with weight issues and I continue to hear the same concerns and frustrations. No matter what diet they try, how long they exercise or how few calories they eat, they can not lose weight.  I believed them and began to look for other answers.  I now know that it isn’t just eating less and exercising more that will move the scale, we have to look at root issues.  For instance, are there food allergies, hormonal imbalances,  an under functioning thyroid or an imbalance in brain chemicals? For the past 7 years I have educated myself in the area of functional and integrative medicine.

I have attended many anti-aging/hormone conferences and I have just completed a 200 hour functional medicine course. It gives me great joy watching people  regain their health, wellness and “a wonderful sense of well being”.  I will spend quality time with you, listen carefully, order individualized/specialized testing and design an effective treatment plan.

This type of specialized and personalized testing is not offered by most traditional practices. Wellness is my hobby as well as my occupation.  My desire is to work with each of you  and your provider to get to the root cause of the problem, I like to think outside the box and  provide you with appropriate alternative therapies to enhance what you  are currently doing.


Family nurse practitioner specializing in bio-identical hormone replacement, thyroid problems, weight loss and detoxification

4510 W 71st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Business Phone: (317) 427-5366
Master's in Nursing - Nurse Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, functional medicine training, First Line Therapy Certification, Aesthetic Ceritification
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