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The process and benefits in Self Mastery of consciousness:

Life grows and expands in cycles yet the average person is unaware of the natural movement of energy.  The average person moves in repeated thought cycles.  They are always returning to the same old place from which they started with the same thoughts spinning around habitually.  There is no growth and we find human consciousness becomes unknowingly entraped in this cycle. 

Through practiced mind skills in harmony with the Universal Laws of Creation, students learn how to break compulsions that chain the mind in patterns of repeated experiences, freeing the mind to turn towards the Source of Creation.  Every thing begins with a thought is a Universal Truth.   As giving and sharing of your thoughts, words, and mental images with others occurs, there is created in Self the opportunity to receive into the Self greater thought-images than ones previously considered.  By eliminating habitual patterns, one can begin to cause their own growth.

The brain operates from mental images.  It does not care if the images come from memory, attention, imagination, sensory input, or intuition.  Therefore, to create quality images and improve memory of those images, use imagination of the future to give you memory of that event or thing before it happens or occurs.  The greatest thinker, the highest spiritualized being, the most peaceful people are the ones who understand and wield the imaging faculty. 

These thinkers also know that your will controls the depth, exactness, and power of your imaged thought.  When the student has realized the solution to the expansion of consciousness that is desired they have become aware of what needs to be done to cause their next stage of growth and progression.  This is Self Realization and the expansion of consciousness.  

You have the ability to image your Self as you desire to become.The School of Metaphysics teaches people  how to live their lives to the fullest.  We all have great potential, yet most people only use a fraction of their mental and physical resources.  You can come to know your true strengths, abilities and creative mind.  You will learn how to cause productive change and bring your heart's desires to fruition.  You can become a visionary, learning to create a better future for Self & humanity.


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