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Who are you really? Are you in touch with yourself as a spiritual being? What might be different for you, if you aligned your choices with your deepest nature?

I work with people who are transforming themselves from the inside out, allowing their Soul to take the lead. When we listen to our own life force, we gain a new sense of our  vastness. When we let that part of ourselves be our guide, we transform.

My own journey to healing began with a fall from a horse in 1999. Though my broken bones mended, the trauma led to chronic illness that conventional medicine couldn’t resolve. My life force was low, and I dealt with pain that kept me on the margins.

I slowly began to rebuild my health over the next decade. I expected to need supplemental hormonal support for the rest of my life.

I learned a whole new level of self-care when I discovered energy healing in 2009. I began to practice techniques gleaned from Donna Eden Energy Medicine, and soon noticed an uptick in my overall resilience. This motivated me to explore other energetic/emotional clearing methods. I found that the more I “lightened my load,” the healthier I felt—and the more my intuition opened.

Another surprising result: I was able to reduce and then stop all medications, with the support of my holistic physician.

Eventually I felt called to reach out to others in need of these tools. Now a Certified ThetaHealer®, I offer energy work and classes to help others clear blockages and move forward. My clients receive a tailored mix of the energy healing modalities I found most helpful in my recovery, anchored in the ThetaHealing® technique. My goal is not only to support the body’s innate capacity for healing, but to connect the client’s journey to their deepest Soul lessons and desires.

Helping each of us recover from a defunct cultural Story of Separation gives me great joy. I believe that our central task is to create a vibrant, healthy future on earth. This monumental change requires a monumental shift in consciousness. It’s my absolute delight to help people experience a new Story of Connection. Through consciousness shift, we all move toward that vibrant future.

Shawndra Miller

17 N. Layman Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46219
Business Phone: (317) 370-2464
I am a Certified ThetaHealing® practitioner. I have completed the Basic DNA seminar in the ThetaHealing® technique. Soon to be certified in Soul Realignment.
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