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Spark & Celebrate ~ events growing communities

Sharing my love of bringing people together and creating a learning environment is the essence of Spark & Celebrate.

Empowering you to co-create an abundant, passionate purposeful, thriving life in partnership with God through meditation, energy re-balancings, and Angel Cards to name a few modalities. I offer one-on-one and group sessions.

Why? Why is it so important to bring people together, from the religious community and Spiritual/Energy community, from different walks of life, different worlds, different beliefs and create a space for us to come together as one? Because we ARE ONE. We are all saying the same thing using different language and different methods.


Offerings include:

~ Co-Create Your Passionate Purpose ~
1:1 Program and a Group Course are available

~Energy Connections ~
Energy Connections packages are now available to help you optimize your energy! When your energy (YOU) is vibrating at a higher level, you show up as your magical self ready to co-create your passionate purposeful life in partnership with God.

Package includes 3 sessions of any combination:
 an Energy Re-Balance, a Space Energy Clearing, an Angel Card Intuitive Reading

 ~ Tuesday Meditation Classes at Thr3e Wise Men ~

~ Launching soon...Experience Your Awakening! ~

Magical Merchandise:

I offer doTERRA essential oils for purchase and other Magical Merchandise including sage, palo santo, selenite chargers, energy stones and crystals, and full spectrum hemp oil to name a few!


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Karmen Fink

Business Phone: (317) 343-4004
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