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Spark & Celebrate ~ events growing communities

I created innovative events bringing communities together while guiding people as they grow in their Spiritual lives! My goals are to help people connect with their higher-selves and bring the religious and Spiritual communities together! We are saying the same thing using different words and methods.


When you are disconnected from yourself, Source, and others - you aren't serving anyone. I know because growing up I was shamed, judged, ridiculed, and I allowed other's stories to be my story. When we are disconnected from Source - fear, hatred, bigotry, and lies are created. When we are connected with Source - Love breeds more Love. Only Love is real (ACIM).



Services and Events include:

~ Weekly Meditation Classes at HoiTea ToiTea

~ Angel Card readings

~ Energy re-balance (chakra balancing)

~ Celebrate the Full Moon at Cocktails + Cosmos

~ Space Energy Clearing

~ Step into Spirit
A monthly program working together to help you get connected with your higher-self, learn your limiting beliefs and how to navigate them, and you may discover your life's purpose along the way! This is tailored to you and your desires and includes a chakra balancing, a Chinese face reading, numerology reading, and a 30 minute energy session.

~ Launching soon...Experience Your Awakening!
A one day event helping you create a roadmap to emotional, mental, physical, and Spiritual wellness in order to support finding your life's purpose!



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Karmen Fink

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