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I am a physical therapist that uses both traditional and integrative approaches to wellness.  My focus is on scar release, pain management, and wellness.  Most of the techniques I use revolve around vibrational medicine.  Healing vibrations can be provided through specific frequency microcurrents, sound, light and energy fields.  Scars prevent the normal flow of electrical fields in your body as do nutritional imbalances.  Normalizing the scars electrically can improve the effectives of other forms of treatment that use electrical meridians such as acupuncture.

Although my lifes work has been improving function and reducing pain, the beauty of microcureent and light therapy is the ability to improve the appearance of skin and lift the face.  Using microcurrent on the head and face not only lifts and rejuvenates, it provides a sense of well being and relaxation.  Facial rejevenation takes 10-20 treatments depending on age and health of the individual, but is a relaxing and natural way to rejuveante without the scalpel or unatural substances being injected into your face.


Electrical scar release, microcurrent combined with light therapy (Microlight), TMR(Total Motion Release), and FSM (frequency specific microcurrent)

Dawn Green

Business Phone: (317) 437-3391
B.S in Physical Therapy from Indiana University School of Medicine. Additional training in Craniosacral myofascial release Currently enrolled in the PhD program of Integrative Medicine at Quantum University
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