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Rene Deal Transformational Wellness, LLC

I am a Certified Digestive Health Professional and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach {CTNC} & Educator with a personal story of TRANSFORMATION for myself and my daughter who has a medical diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome {IBS} for many years.  My services include Digestive Health Consultation, Holistic Food Coaching, Workshops, Small Business Lunch and Learn, Signs & Symptoms Survey for discovering hidden deficiencies in the body and Urine analysis for those complicated cases of discovery.  This tool is invaluable in my business as it sets me apart from a "normal" coach.  When we are able to drill down to exactly WHY your body is reacting the way it is we are able to treat it differently and change the cellular metabolic make up of your structure to make it work as our creator intended it to.

In my PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE and trying to figure out WHY my daughter suffered for so many years I have uncovered answers that now support my daughter's roller coaster digestive health problems and her Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity {NCGS} through the use of holistic practices. At a time when her health was in a most dire circumstance and we had consulted with medical doctors, hospitals & specialists for years; a Holistic doctor used enzymes to start the healing process.  We had answers working with this Kiniesiologist within one hour of working with him.  I knew in the deepest recesses of my being that we had found our answers.  I did not understand the theory & how it worked but at the time her life was in his hands and little did I know that 5 years down the road I would be studying these enzymes and actually how they worked to save her destroyed colon and intestines. To read more about "our" story please check out my website at

I have studied under the direction of The Food Enzyme Institute formerly known as The Loomis Institute by Dr. Howard Loomis and The Institute of Transformation Nutrition and have continued educational credits with The Training Junction.  I have now become a health knowledge nerd and look forward to continued study for many years.


Digestive Health Professional, Enzymes Specialist & Holistic Food Coach

Rene Deal

Business Phone: (317) 975-1233
Graduate of Digestive Health Program with The Food Enzyme Institute. Certificate with Institute of Transformational Nutrition.
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